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Dissection of apoptotic pathways by Microarray Analysis

I. Activation of Apaf-1 by p53

II. Inhibition of p53-induced apoptosis by IL-6

I. Activation of Apaf-1 by p53

Figures :

Scatter Plot

Scatter plots of 404 genes that were regulated by p53 in LTR6 cells.
Genes whose expression changed by more than 3 fold in at least 2 of the time points were selected for this analysis.
(A) Scatter plot of these genes in control M1 cells after 2 hr and 12 hr at 32C
(B,C,D) Scatter plots of these genes LTR6 cells after 2 hr (B), 9 hr (C) and 12 hr (D) at 32C compared to M1 cells at 32C for 2 hr.
The two lines parallel to the diagonal in each graph represent the 2 fold ratios of expression level.

Cluster Analysis

Cluster analysis of gene expression profile following temperature shift to 32C and activation of p53.
The degree of redness and greenness represent induction and repression respectively.
404 genes that changed expression more than 3 fold in at least 2 experiments were selected.

Close Up View of Clusters A, B1, B2, C, D, E, F

Cluster A Cluster B1 Cluster B2 Cluster C Cluster D Cluster E Cluster F

Expression Profiles of Clusters C, D, E

Tables :

Table 1 :  p53 up-regulated genes in LTR6 cells

Table 2 :  p53 downregulated genes in LTR6 cells

Table 3 :  Ribosomal genes induced independent of p53 status

Apoptosis-Related Genes Upregulated by p53

Apoptotic genes found upregulated by p53 from the study of p53-inducible genes
and from this study of genes involved in the p53-mediated aopotosis.

p53 Dependent Apoptotic Pathways

Schematic representation of the p53-dependent apoptotic pathways by transcriptional
activation of BAX, PUMA and APAF-1.

II. Inhibition of p53-induced apoptosis by IL-6

Tables :

Table 3 :  List of 1,786 genes of Fig. 2

Table 4 :  List of 829 up-regulated genes of Fig. 4

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