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I am a planetary scientist and astronomer, studying the physical nature of asteroids, their evolution with time, and the applications of these to Solar Systems formation and the safety of the Earth's inhabitants.

I am an Senior post-doctoral fellow at the Weizmann Institute of Science's Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences working in the group of Prof. Oded Aharonson. I received my PhD from Tel-Aviv University, Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences under the guidance of Prof. Dina Prialnik and Dr. Noah Brosch. Previously, I conducted a post-doctoral research in MIT under the guidance of Prof. Richard P. Binzel.


Research Interests:

-        Trojan companions of Mars.

-        Mapping and Shape modeling of asteroids to constrain their internal structure and strength.

-        Near-Earth Asteroids close flybys.

-        Asteroids disintegration by rotational fission into separated pairs and binaries.

-        Thermal forces that modify asteroids (Yarkovsky and YORP effects).

-        Space Weathering of atmosphere-less bodies.

-        Mining Astronomy data through surveys and archives.


July 2017: We show evidence that the progenitor of the Trojan Eureka cluster of Mars could have originated as impact debris excavated from the Martian mantle. Paper accepted to Nature Astronomy. More details here (Hebrew).










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Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS), Weizmann Inst.

Weizmann’s Experimental Astrophysics Group

TAU’s Dept. Geophysical, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Tel Aviv University’s Wise Observatory

TAU Astroclub

Dept. of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), MIT

Small Main-Belt Asteroid Spectroscopic Survey (SMASS)

NASA Infra Red Telescope Facility (IRTF)

The Mission Accessible Near-Earth Objects Survey (MANOS)

Davidson Inst. of Science Education