Photo of Moti

Moti Nativ

Moti Nativ is head of Bujinkan Israel and is Chairman of the Israeli presidium of the International Budo Academy. He has been involved in martial arts since 1966 and in Bunjinkan since 1975. Moti has taught martial arts since 1979 including: Self-defense (Krav-maga), Judo and Budo Taijutsu. He has a very impressive record in sports. He has wrestled in tournaments in the USA and in Israel, is a belt instructor in Kodokan Judo and a certified instructor in Self-defense (Krav-Maga). As a Feldenkraiz teacher, Moti specializes in seminars for martial artists with a unique course for improving the Warrior Ability. In addition, he is certified as a Martial Arts Instructor by the Israeli Formal School for Coaches and Instructors at the Wingate Institute and is the organizer and manager of the Israeli Bujinkan Instructors courses.

Over the past 10 years Moti has specialized in the traditional kata of the Bujinkan Schools and in performing the Shingen-gata. He recently finished a four year project researching the 60 Kata of Kukishin Ryu - Daken Taijutsu, analyzing the Kata in practice and in teaching.

Judan in Bujinkan.
Retired Colonel from the Israeli Defense Forces.