Gad Yagil
L.G.Horwitz Professor
of Cancer Research

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My research interests are:

1. Mechanism of DNA unwinding

2. Computer analysis of DNA sequences.
Experimental work from my Lab led to the conclusion that DNA regions controlling transcription (promoters) have the capability to unwind and inititiate strand separation, as required for efficient gene transcription. The results (summarized in Gene, 225: 152 1998) suggested that sequences made up of only two bases, e.g homopurines (A,G), do serve as unwinding centers. I am presently writing and applying computer programs which map and catalogue these sequences. It is found that these special sequences are 40 fold more abundant in yeast promoters than in random DNA. A similar excess of W sequences is found in E.coli. The frequency of these "binary" base tracts in the rapidly increasing base of complete genomes is further studied.

3. Complexity analysis of chemical and biomolecular structures:
A quantitative definition of the complexity of biostructures has been formulated and is being applied to a wide range of biostructures. A high correlation between the number of genes specifying biostructures and the complexity of these structures is demonstrated. Biocomplexity can serve thus as predictor for the number of genes expected to participate in a particular morphogenetic process.

4. Auxiliary Material

G. Yagil,
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