Yossi Nir

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Academic Background

Graduate Students

Zoltan Ligeti (1994)

Yuval Grossman (1996)

Galit Eyal (2000)

Sven Bergmann (2001)

Gilad Perez (2003)

Guy Raz (2006)

Tomer Volansky

Tamar Kashti

Guy Engelhard

Research Interests

LHC physics

Particle cosmology (leptogenesis, baryogenesis...)

Flavor and CP violation

Phenomenology of supersymmetric theories

Neutrino masses


Astroparticle Physics II (1995)

Quantum Mechanics II (1996, 1997)

Elementary Particles II (1998,2000,2002)

Particle Cosmology (2001,2003,2004)

Conferences and Workshops

6th Recontres du Vietnam (Hanoi, Vietnam, August 6-12, 2006), invited lecture on leptogenesis

LNF summer institute (Frascati, Italy, July 2-15, 2006), invited talk on neutrino flavor

Quarks 2006(St. Petersburg, May 19-25, 2006), invited talk on B phsycis

Workshop on Flavor in the Era of the LHC (CERN, November 7-10, 2005), invited talk on B physics

Les Houches summer school on Particle physics beyond the SM (Les Houhces, France, August 1-26, 2005), organizing committee and lectures on B physics and CP violation

Symposium on Highlights of B-factories (Krakow, Poland, June 27-29, 2005), invited talk on B physics

IFT mini-workshop on Neutrino physics (Madrid, Spain, May 18-20, 2005), discussion leader on leptogenesis

3rd CERN-CLAF School of High Energy Physics (Malargue, Argentina, February 27- March 12, 2005), three lectures on CP violation and flavor physics

5th Recontres du Vietnam (Hanoi, Vietnam, August 5-11, 2004), lecture on CP violation

Academic Training Programme at CERN (CERN, March 22-26, 2004), five lectures on Neutrinos PDF

VIII Workshop on High Energy Physics Phenomenology (WHEPP8) (IIT, Bombay, India, January 5-16, 2004), lecture on CP violation

III Workshop of the RTN on ``The Third Generation as a Probe of New Physics" (Barcelona, Spain, December 18-20, 2003), lecture on B physics

Aspen Workshop on The Flavor Puzzles: Data Confronting Theory (Aspen, Colorado, USA, July 20 - August 10, 2003), Co-Organizer

International School on AstroParticle Physics (ISAPP 2003) (Conca Specchiulla, Otranto, Italy, June 15-21, 2003), Lecture Series on Neutrinos in Particle Physics

Ringberg Phenomenology Workshop on Heavy Flavors (Ringberg Castle, Germany, April 27 - May 2, 2003), Plenary Lecture on CP Violation

The 31st International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2002) (Amsterdam, July 24-31, 2002), Plenary Lecture on CP Violation: The CKM Matrix and New Physics

Mini-workshop on time variations in alpha (WIS, March 3, 2002), organizer

The Fifth KEK Topical Conference - Frontiers in Flavor Physics (KEK, Tsukuba, Japan, November 20-22, 2001), Plenary Lecture on Beyond SM and Future B Factories

The 55th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics - Heavy Flavor Physics (St. Andrews, Scotland, August 7-23, 2001), Co-Directorship and series of lectures on CP violation

UK Theory Winter Meeting (Rutherford Laboratory, England, December 18-20, 2000), Plenary Lecture on CP Violation

DESY Theory Workshop on CP Violation and Rare Processes (Hamburg, Germany, September 26-29, 2000), Plenary Lecture on CP Violation

III Latin American Symposium on High Energy Physics (Cartagena, Colombia, April 2-8, 2000), Plenary Lecture on CP Violation

Nuclear and Particle Physics Summer School (Sydney, Australia, February 7-11, 2000), Lectures on CP Violation

Workshop on B Physics at the Tevatron Run II and Beyond (1999), Convener for WG on CP Violation

XXVII SLAC Summer Institute on Particle Physics (SLAC, Stanford, California, U.S.A., July 7-16, 1999), Lectures on CP Violation In and Beyond the Standard Model

1999 ICTP Summer School in Particle Physics (Trieste, Italy, June 21 - 26, 1999), Lectures on CP Violation

The First Particle Physics Winter School (KIAS, Seoul, Korea, 22 - 26 February, 1999), Lectures on B and CP within and beyond the SM

European School of Physics (St. Andrews, Scotland, 23 August - 5 September 1998), Lectures on Flavour Physics and CP Violation

Cargese School on Flavor and Gauge Hierarchies (21 July - 1 August 1998), Lectures on Theory of CP Violation

Workshop on Theory of LHC Processes (9 - 13 February 1998), Invited Talk on B Physics in the Post B-Factories Era

EPS 97 (19-26 August 1997), `Convener of (theory) conveners'

LP 97 (28 July - 1 August 1997), Plenary Talk on Theory of CP Violation

Mini-Workshop on Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking (13-20 April 1997), Organizer

BaBar Workshops (1997), Convener for WG9 (Unitarity Triangle)

Recent Publications

Constraining the phase of Bs mixing (Y. Grossman, YN, G. Raz), hep-ph/0605028.

 The importance of flavor in leptogenesis (E. Nardi, YN, J. Racker, E. Roulet), JHEP 0601, 164 (2006) [hep-ph/0601084].

Solving flavor puzzles with quiver gauge theories (Y. Antebi, YN, T. Volansky), Phys. Rev. D73, 075009 (2006) hep-ph/0512211.
On Higgs and sphaleron effects in the leptogenesis era (with E. Nardi, J. Racker and E. Roulet), hep-ph/0512052.
SU(3) relations and the CP asymmetry in B to K_S K_S K_S (with G. Engelhard and G. Raz), hep-ph/0505194.
The pattern of CP asymmetries in b to s transitions (with G. Buchalla, T. G. Hiller and G. Raz), hep-ph/0503151.
New Ways to Soft Leptogenesis (with Y. Grossman, T. Kashti and E. Roulet), hep-ph/0407063.
The importance of being Majorana: Neutrinos versus charged fermions in flavor models (with Y. Shadmi), hep-ph/0404113.
Baryogenesis from the Kobayashi-Maskawa phase (with M. Berkooz and T. Volansky), hep-ph/0401012.
Comment on extracting alpha from B -> rho rho (with A. Falk, Z. Ligeti and H. Quinn), hep-ph/0310242.
Leptogenesis from Supersymmetry Breaking (with Y. Grossman, T. Kashti and E. Roulet), hep-ph/0307081.
SU(3) relations and CP asymmetries (with Y. Grossman, Z. Ligeti and H. Quinn), hep-ph/0303171.
Time variations in the scale of grand unification (with M. Dine, G. Raz and T. Volansky), hep-ph/0209134.
CP Violation - The CKM Matrix and New Physics, hep-ph/0208080.
Product groups, discrete symmetries, and grand unification (with M. Dine, and Y. Shadmi), hep-ph/0206268.
Quark squark alignment revisited (with G. Raz), hep-ph/0206064.
New physics and future B factories (with Z. Ligeti), hep-ph/0202117.
Developments in neutrino physics (with M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia), hep-ph/0202058.


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