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I'm sorry, but I won't provide anymore support on the packages I was once happy to share. After years I became very skeptic about the true openness of Scilab, and decided to drop my involvment in it. This page is historical.

Scilab stuff:

Scilab is a nice and free graphics/numerics/system simulation package. The main reasons for me to use it for my work and to prefer it to a commercial equivalent, like what could have been e.g. Matlab, PV-Wave, AVS, etc., were that a) it is free, b) it is quite sophisticated, c) it is multiplatform, d) it leans Toward open sourcish.
Being under developement, though, not everything is perfect. I'm oriented toward graphical postprocessing, and I felt some lack of nice looking, publication quality plotting primitives. Then I started to write my few own ones. What came out is a toolbox of mainly 2D and 3D graphics macros, which I contributed to the development tree and submitted to the scilab user group . Maybe they're not that much, but I was definitely missing them at some point or another.  The current stable version of this toolbox is 0.10 (6/10/2005). The contribution used to be known as ENRICO from the very beginning. It's a stupid name, but I was too lazy for thinking to a better one. Here you can get:

The main graphics/rendering/data manipulation toolbox:

You might also want to check out:

Copyleft for all this is that, if you download it, it would be very nice if you drop me an email to tell me if you think the work was worth.

Examples of the main graphical toolbox:

(click here for more) 3d golden isosurface
Click on the picture to retrieve a foggy 278Kb MPEG animation stacksize(12e6)
exec ../sciscript/; //     retrieves my data in a hypermatrix w
[xx,yy,zz]=isosurf3d(w(:,:,30:$),20); //   <-- a routine of mine
setcmap(-10) // <-- another routine of mine
for k=1:length(b);
 xinit ('A'+string(1000+k)+'.gif'); xset('wdim', 300, 300);  xbasc()
 shadesurf(xx,-yy,10*zz,-sin(a),cos(a),b(k),80); // <-- another routine of mine
disp 'calling ImageMagick to create the animated file...'
unix('convert -delay 100 -loop 50 A*.gif rosario.mpg;  rm A*.gif'); colormaps
  • More examples (rendered 3d objects)

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