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Astronomy & Astrophysics package for Matlab

The functions and data files are updated every week.

Brief Description: The Astronomy & Astrophysics package for MATLAB includes over 800 MATLAB functions, and tens of data files and astronomical catalogs, which are organized in several toolboxes and several data/catalogs directories. The scripts covers a wide range of subjects including:
astronomical image processing astronomical spectra catalog retrieval and searches celestial maps and projections cosmology ds9 control ephemerides, time and coordinates manipulation function fitting general utilities geometry gravitational lensing plotting statistics time series analysis
The catalogs and data files include selected astronomical catalogs formated as MAT files, ephemerides tables, template spectra and more. The scripts were written by: Eran Ofek, with contributions from: Tali Engel, Barak Zackay,, Lior Rubanenko, Ofer Yaron, Dovi Poznanski, Keren Sharon, Ilia Labzovsky, and Barak Zackay. In addition, included in this distribution are several external matlab packages (available also from: Mathworks file exchange). These functions are included along with their license files.

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Usage and credit: Unless stated otherwise in the function help section, these functions are available under the GNU public license.
If you are using this library we request that you will either add a reference to the paper Ofek (2014) Astrophysics Source Code Library, 1407.005 or an acknowledgment: "This work used the astronomy & astrophysics package for Matlab (Ofek 2014)."

New important features:
  • (Jan-2016) Image subtraction tools will be added soon
  • (Jan-2016) Optimal image coaddition (see Zackay & Ofek 2015a, 2015b).
  • (Jun-2015) SIM (structure image array) class was added - the SIM is an image container in memory. It allows you to avoid excessive reading/writing of FITS images (i.e., read and write once instead of multiple times). All the major function and arithmetics are supported. You can populate a SIM with a catalog, mask, error etc, associated with the images. Align images, cross match, and cross match with external catalogs.
  • (Mar-2015) New function for fast search of astronomical catalogs. HTM indexing of major catalogs.
  • (Jan-2015) New functions added for spectroscopic reduction.

    Constructed: September 2012, Eran Ofek