Condensed Matter department






2007-…           Ph.D. in Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science

2005-2007       M.Sc. in Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science

2000-2004       B.Sc in Electronic Engineering and

B.A. in Physics, Technion – The Technology Institute of Israel


Prizes and Scholarships

2010                Prof. Rahamimoff Travel Grant – Binational Science Foundation

2007-2011              Adams Doctorial Fellowship - Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

2007                Masters Excellence Prize – FGS, Weizmann Institute of Science

2005                Bachelor “summa cum laude” – Technion

2003                Undergraduate Excellence Prize - Parliament of the State of Israel

[Offered to the 100 best students of the nation every year]

2001                Admitted to the Technion’s Chais Excellence Program

2000                Undergraduate excellence scholarship – Keren Hayesod (declined)



EGDT, E. Demler, T.Giamarchi, E. Altman, “Quantum critical states and phase transitions in the presence of non equilibrium noise”, Nature Physics, Advanced Online Publication, doi:10.1038/nphys1754 (2010)


E.Berg, EGDT, E.Altman, “Rise and fall of hidden string order of lattice bosons”, Phys. Rev. B 77, 245119 (2008)


EGDT, E.Berg, E.Altman “Hidden order in 1D Bose insulators”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 260401 (2006)




2010    Theory of quantum gases and quantum coherence – Nice, France (invited speaker)

2009    Condensed Matter Seminar - Harvard University

2009    DIP meeting - University of Mainz

2007    Workshop on “Strongly Correlated Phases in Condensed Matter and Degenerate Atomic Systems - KITP, Santa Barbara

2007    Special seminar - Universite Paris-Nord et CNRS

2006    Department Retreat - Weizmann Institute of Science

2003    Kasher Contest – Technion


Schools attended:

2009    “Non equilibrium physics, from classical to quantum low dimensional systems” – ICTP, Trieste

2007    “Condensed Matter physics and Quatum information with Cold atoms” – ASI, Jerusalem

2007    “Quantum Phases and Non-equilibrium phenomena in Cold atomic gases” – ICTP, Trieste

2006    “Ultra-cold Fermi gases” – SIF, Varenna

2004    “Nano-structures and nano-sensors” – SIF, Varenna



Personal Details:


Born in Milan, Italy on September 19th, 1980.

Citizenship: Italy, Israel

Address:68A/3, Rabban Yochanan ben-Zakai, Jerusalem, Israel

Telephone: +972-52-5643948                   

Email: emanuele (AT) weizmann.ac.il